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Random Thoughts About Nutrition and Health
Concerns about Saturated Fat and Heart Disease

If you think eating some animal fat will give you heart disease due to the saturated fat, think again. We have had this beaten into our collective psyches for so long, it is very hard to yank it out. It is proven that the fat in atheroma blockages is actually upwards of 70-75% UNSATURATED (Felton et all 1994). 40% or so is polyunsaturated. When heart disease skyrocketed from 1920-1960, people actually ate less meat, but were consuming more vegetable fats (and cooking with them), such as corn oil. Oxidized polyunsaturated fats are something you SHOULD fear.

If you are really concerned about heart disease, I would pay more attention to your C-reactive protein levels, as they are a marker for inflammation. Inflammation is a response to infection or injury, or other conditions, and evidence continues to mount that atherosclerosis is initiated by some sort of inflammatory process.

The Lower the Cholesterol Levels you Have the Better?Right?

Wrong. Actually the all cause death rate is HIGHER (risk rate is 14-22% greater) in men with total cholesterol levels lower than 160 mg/dl. Cancer risk rates are also 18-23% higher in those with cholesterol levels less than 160 mg/dl. (Circulation 1992 86:3). I do want to say that the results I mentioned above were for men. If you look at the citation, the assessment for women is a bit confusing.

Is Cholesterol Bad? Shouldn’t we try to lower it?

No it’s not bad. Cholesterol elevation is a PROTECTIVE mechanism, not a cause. It makes no sense to try and wipe out cholesterol. If you see firemen at fires all the time, does it mean that firemen cause fires? Of course not. Causation vs. correlation.

Cholesterol has many derivatives you may recognize. Bile acids, Adrenal cortical steroid hormones, male steroid hormones, Vitamin D3 (via provitamin means), and more. Does it make sense to try and get your cholesterol to the lowest possible levels knowing this? I don’t think so.

Anyways, just some thoughts I wanted to share.

Regards and Happy Holidays!
John Meadows

Become Anabolic. Poliquin series.

Here are two MUST reads if you are serious about adding slabs of muscle to your body while minimizing the addition of fat. Poliquin goes into detail as to HOW TO BECOME ANABOLIC. Great if you just want to look bad-ass or a natural bodybuilder.

  • Link/Article one describes how to increase your testosterone levels
  • Link/Article 2 describes how to increase your growth-hormone response.

Warrior Fitness: I asked for this, right?

Here’s an update on Ben’s workouts.  Sounds like they are what they were intended to do!


At least that’s what I keep telling myself as I’m now halfway through week 2 and still getting absolutely owned by these workouts. But, I did tell Coach L to bring it this month & I did tell him that I wanted to hit the weights hard again. Yes, it’s tough, but the truth is there’s a part of me…

Here is a short video of a deadlift day of mine. Im still trying to improve on this lift. Its been a weakness of mine. This day I did some singles at approximately 85% of my max.

Warrior Fitness: Oh, how quickly we can be humbled.

I know I said it’s more of a “bodybuilding” approach, it is far from typical and there is a lot more going on than what meets the eye.  I’ll give you a little more insight to the purpose of each day.  Ben does a nice job of explaining as well, below.

 Here is Ben’s Day 2 that I designed (found below). It’s a Back and Triceps emphasis.  Just as Ben explain below one major objective was to work on his “upper” back strength.  After analyzing Ben’s progress and plateaus it was evident that this was an area of weakness.  The program is also intended to build some back thickness to Ben.  If you were to see pic, you would notice that he has a good “tapper/V” shape (indicating good lat development); however he lacks the thick/fullness in the middle and upper back (rhomboids, middle and upper trapezius). 

Another weakness I am trying to attack are his glutes, and hamstrings.  One quick example of how is by having him perform and extremely wide box squat (he also lacks flexibility in this area which this exercise will help also).  If you haven’t tried this, give it a shot.  Your glute, hamstrings and inner thigh area (particularly your gracilis and adductors) will be sore, trust me.  Make sure you point your toes out, flare your knees out HARD, and sit back, back back!  As we go along I will go into a little more detail as the “whys” behind particular exercises, order and intensities.  Until then, lift big!


On paper, today’s workout didn’t really look too bad. Some high volume back and tricep work, which wouldn’t be easy, but none of the Big 3. In practice, however, it ended up being a pretty killer workout for me - in a couple of areas specifically, because it hit me where I’m weak (I’ll explain…

Warrior Fitness: Movin' Weight - Pre-Dawn

I Just designed a new workout program for big Ben, which he started yesterday (Dec. 5th).  I highly recommend that you follow his progress.  This is a muscle building specific program/bodybuilding emphasis.  We have made some adjustments to his overall nutrition and conditioning plan to optimize fat loss all while gaining massive muscle.  These new high-level techniques in his workout and nutrition plan, I feel, will add slabs of solid muscle to Bens frame while cutting the subcutaneous fat.  Let’s see what happens.  I will re-blog his workout days post, but you can also follow him at 


Normally, early morning workouts are rough for me. However, today I had an all day meeting and wasn’t going to be able to workout at my usual lunchtime or in the evening. So, I had to suck it up and hit it hard before the sun was even thinking of coming up.

Fortunately (and unfortunately) I was…

Programs for Fat Loss, Bodybuilding and Strength and Conditioning

You have to check these out!  I have a few programs that I stand by and strongly recommend to you.  I have done all the researching  and taken all of the guess work out for you.  I would NEVER recommend some gimmick to you guys.  I want you to succeed and look AWESOME!  These programs where developed by the TOP professionals in the industry.

 I have chosen 3 different programs that will suit any goal that you have.  I chose one for each of these goals:

 1) For Strength and Conditioning.

2) Bodybuilding/muscle mass gaining. 

3) Fat loss/shedding. 

 **Below are the links that will simple just take you to the site where you can find out more information on each program. Click the one that best suits your personal goal! 

 1)      16 Week Strength & Conditioning Program

  • Do you wish you could set some new PR’s on the bench, squat, deadlift?  Stuck in a plateau?  Check out the link below. I recently purchased this very credible program about a month ago.  Due to the results I’ve seen with certain clients, I feel obligated to recommend the program to my readers as well. 
  •  It’s a 16 week detailed strength and conditioning program written by one of the TOP Strength and Conditioning professionals out there, Eric Cressey.  Click the link below and Eric will explain in extreme detail as to what you will receive.  Again, I even bought this myself and have followed the program. It’s legit! 

 No more wondering what you have to do to see the results you want, Eric gives you 4 MONTHS of strength and conditioning programs to follow!  Check it out below!


 2)      Bodybuilding/Muscle Mass Gainer

  • Have you tried every supplement known to man? 
  • Cycled through every workout routine you can find on Muscle & Fitness? 
  • Wish you could pack on some serious mass without the aid of steroids?
  • I have a solution for you!

Check this link out.  It is legit and WORKS!  No supplements, no steroids, no gimmick, no magic routine.  See what I’m talking about.  CLICK the link below.


 3)      Fat Loss/shedding

  •  Tired of the way your body looks in the mirror?
  •  Sick of the extra fat that you just can’t seem to lose?
  •  Don’t know what more you can do to look better?
  •  Do you want a lean sleek body? Or males, a jacked physique?

Check out this link. Craig Ballantyne one of the most respected and credible fitness gurus out there as an AMAZING program that can solve all of your frustrations and make you feeling and looking awesome again, like you should! 

CLICK the link below to find out how!


Your Answer to Extreme Muscle Gains

Your Answer to Extreme Muscle Gains!


            In this article you will come to understand as to why you have approximately 1-2 hours of absolutely vital time to build extreme muscle mass.  If you’re a female don’t turn away just yet. This is crucial for you goals as well.  Before you read on, if you have not read my previous post titled, “Eat Fat to Lose Fat” you must do so to completely understand this post.


            What’s the answer to this extreme muscle?  Your answer,…INSULIN!  Insulin is a single hormone that is responsible for so many figures walking around today.  Fat, obese, chubby, skinny-fat, skinny, ripped, jacked and buff.  Insulin plays a vital role in all of these body-types.  But, how does it add layers of muscle to your body?  Like I stated in my previous article, insulin is an ANABOLIC hormone.  It’s so anabolic that many top level bodybuilders staple steroid is insulin.  Now you don’t need to take these extreme measures, because your body naturally produces this extreme anabolic hormone.  You just need to understand when and how you can manipulate the release of this hormone to reap its benefits.



  • Here’s just a quick little insight on insulin.  When released by the body insulin’s responsibility is to transport the nutrients into your cells liver, fat or muscle.   Because insulin has now been secreted your liver, fat and muscle cells are now that are now open and looking for nutrients.  The KEY is to make sure most if not all of it goes to liver and muscle cells (I will explain this later). 


  • In order for you to grow you need to FEED YOUR MUSCLES.  Step 1 then becomes releasing/secreting the insulin.  You do this by consuming foods and/or drinks that are high glycemic.  The higher the glycemic load is the greater the release of insulin.  In simplistic terms you need to consume CARBOHYDRATES that are higher in sugar.   Examples of these foods and drinks are:  bananas, orange juice, raisins, honey, Gatorade, glucose, rice oligodextrin, white bread, and potatoes.  Step 2 then becomes WHEN do you want to eat or drink these carbs to release the insulin and not have it transported into your fat cells?    



  • During and after your resistance training (lifting weights).  Weight lifting makes you more sensitive to insulin.  This means you are more likely to transport the nutrients into liver and muscle cells than your fat cells.  It’s a GOOD thing.  Resistance training also depletes your glycogen stores (stored carbohydrates in your muscle cells) and it’s the insulin’s duty to transport your glucose and amino acids into these now-hungry muscle cells to facilitate recover and GROWTH.  With that said it’s crucial that you start consuming a carbohydrate AND amino acid rich drink approximately half-way through your workout or immediately after.  You then have about another 1 hour post workout where body is much more likely to partition the carbs into your muscle cells and NOT fat cells.  Take advantage of this opportunity to grow extreme muscles! 


Wrap Up:

  • The release of insulin is an awesome thing if it’s the RIGHT time! 
  • The right time becomes during and immediately after your workout. 
  • Resistance training causes your muscles to seek out carbs and amino acids.
  • Insulin transports the carbs and amino acids into your hungry muscle cells that facilitates recovery and growth.
  • If you work out intensely, but do NOT consume a carbohydrate and amino acid rich drink/or food, during or after your workout, your body goes into a CATABOLIC state.  This means that it starts to actually break down/eat your muscle.  This is catastrophic for anyone! No matter what your goals are. 
  • So the next time you go and lift weights make DAMN SURE you are prepared to take advantage of this extreme ANABOLIC state you can produce!


Example recovery and growth drink:

  • My “Taste of Heaven”  (found in earlier post)
  • My anabolic Oreo drink (found in earlier post)
  • Small G2 during workout and Banana (2-3 if you’re bulking) with whey protein drink immediately after workout.

Eat Oreo’s to gain massive muscles!

For all you muscle gainer dudes out there, check this quick and EASY post-workout mass gaining shake.  ONLY consume this immediately after a workout, unless you feel like putting a little layer of fat on as well?!  I would say this post-workout shake is for someone that wants to get stronger and bigger but REALLY minimize the risk of excess body fat.  This is not a SERIOUS bulk phase drink.  That drink is my “Taste of Heaven” shake (which can be found in a previous post, click the archive tab to navigate).  Note: this is also NOT an extreme cutting/fat lose phase drink. 

IN my coming post you will understand as to why this is an effective post-workout shake.  Again, it will tie into my previous post “Eat fat to lose Fat”.

Here it Is:


  • 10oz Skim Milk
  • 3 Oreos
  • 2 scoops of Whey protein (chocolate, or vanilla)
  • crushed ice
  • blend and enjoy!  yyuuummmmmmmyyyy you will soon say.

Macro Nutrient Breakdown

Total Calories = 474 calories

Protein = 60grams

Carbs = 40 grams

Fat = 7 grams