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Programs for Fat Loss, Bodybuilding and Strength and Conditioning

You have to check these out!  I have a few programs that I stand by and strongly recommend to you.  I have done all the researching  and taken all of the guess work out for you.  I would NEVER recommend some gimmick to you guys.  I want you to succeed and look AWESOME!  These programs where developed by the TOP professionals in the industry.

 I have chosen 3 different programs that will suit any goal that you have.  I chose one for each of these goals:

 1) For Strength and Conditioning.

2) Bodybuilding/muscle mass gaining. 

3) Fat loss/shedding. 

 **Below are the links that will simple just take you to the site where you can find out more information on each program. Click the one that best suits your personal goal! 

 1)      16 Week Strength & Conditioning Program

  • Do you wish you could set some new PR’s on the bench, squat, deadlift?  Stuck in a plateau?  Check out the link below. I recently purchased this very credible program about a month ago.  Due to the results I’ve seen with certain clients, I feel obligated to recommend the program to my readers as well. 
  •  It’s a 16 week detailed strength and conditioning program written by one of the TOP Strength and Conditioning professionals out there, Eric Cressey.  Click the link below and Eric will explain in extreme detail as to what you will receive.  Again, I even bought this myself and have followed the program. It’s legit! 

 No more wondering what you have to do to see the results you want, Eric gives you 4 MONTHS of strength and conditioning programs to follow!  Check it out below!


 2)      Bodybuilding/Muscle Mass Gainer

  • Have you tried every supplement known to man? 
  • Cycled through every workout routine you can find on Muscle & Fitness? 
  • Wish you could pack on some serious mass without the aid of steroids?
  • I have a solution for you!

Check this link out.  It is legit and WORKS!  No supplements, no steroids, no gimmick, no magic routine.  See what I’m talking about.  CLICK the link below.


 3)      Fat Loss/shedding

  •  Tired of the way your body looks in the mirror?
  •  Sick of the extra fat that you just can’t seem to lose?
  •  Don’t know what more you can do to look better?
  •  Do you want a lean sleek body? Or males, a jacked physique?

Check out this link. Craig Ballantyne one of the most respected and credible fitness gurus out there as an AMAZING program that can solve all of your frustrations and make you feeling and looking awesome again, like you should! 

CLICK the link below to find out how!


Your Answer to Extreme Muscle Gains

Your Answer to Extreme Muscle Gains!


            In this article you will come to understand as to why you have approximately 1-2 hours of absolutely vital time to build extreme muscle mass.  If you’re a female don’t turn away just yet. This is crucial for you goals as well.  Before you read on, if you have not read my previous post titled, “Eat Fat to Lose Fat” you must do so to completely understand this post.


            What’s the answer to this extreme muscle?  Your answer,…INSULIN!  Insulin is a single hormone that is responsible for so many figures walking around today.  Fat, obese, chubby, skinny-fat, skinny, ripped, jacked and buff.  Insulin plays a vital role in all of these body-types.  But, how does it add layers of muscle to your body?  Like I stated in my previous article, insulin is an ANABOLIC hormone.  It’s so anabolic that many top level bodybuilders staple steroid is insulin.  Now you don’t need to take these extreme measures, because your body naturally produces this extreme anabolic hormone.  You just need to understand when and how you can manipulate the release of this hormone to reap its benefits.



  • Here’s just a quick little insight on insulin.  When released by the body insulin’s responsibility is to transport the nutrients into your cells liver, fat or muscle.   Because insulin has now been secreted your liver, fat and muscle cells are now that are now open and looking for nutrients.  The KEY is to make sure most if not all of it goes to liver and muscle cells (I will explain this later). 


  • In order for you to grow you need to FEED YOUR MUSCLES.  Step 1 then becomes releasing/secreting the insulin.  You do this by consuming foods and/or drinks that are high glycemic.  The higher the glycemic load is the greater the release of insulin.  In simplistic terms you need to consume CARBOHYDRATES that are higher in sugar.   Examples of these foods and drinks are:  bananas, orange juice, raisins, honey, Gatorade, glucose, rice oligodextrin, white bread, and potatoes.  Step 2 then becomes WHEN do you want to eat or drink these carbs to release the insulin and not have it transported into your fat cells?    



  • During and after your resistance training (lifting weights).  Weight lifting makes you more sensitive to insulin.  This means you are more likely to transport the nutrients into liver and muscle cells than your fat cells.  It’s a GOOD thing.  Resistance training also depletes your glycogen stores (stored carbohydrates in your muscle cells) and it’s the insulin’s duty to transport your glucose and amino acids into these now-hungry muscle cells to facilitate recover and GROWTH.  With that said it’s crucial that you start consuming a carbohydrate AND amino acid rich drink approximately half-way through your workout or immediately after.  You then have about another 1 hour post workout where body is much more likely to partition the carbs into your muscle cells and NOT fat cells.  Take advantage of this opportunity to grow extreme muscles! 


Wrap Up:

  • The release of insulin is an awesome thing if it’s the RIGHT time! 
  • The right time becomes during and immediately after your workout. 
  • Resistance training causes your muscles to seek out carbs and amino acids.
  • Insulin transports the carbs and amino acids into your hungry muscle cells that facilitates recovery and growth.
  • If you work out intensely, but do NOT consume a carbohydrate and amino acid rich drink/or food, during or after your workout, your body goes into a CATABOLIC state.  This means that it starts to actually break down/eat your muscle.  This is catastrophic for anyone! No matter what your goals are. 
  • So the next time you go and lift weights make DAMN SURE you are prepared to take advantage of this extreme ANABOLIC state you can produce!


Example recovery and growth drink:

  • My “Taste of Heaven”  (found in earlier post)
  • My anabolic Oreo drink (found in earlier post)
  • Small G2 during workout and Banana (2-3 if you’re bulking) with whey protein drink immediately after workout.

Increase your Deadlift 100 lbs in 4 Months

One of my online clients just increased his deadlift 100 lbs in 4 months!! 

That is a serious gain.  Pretty exciting since it was the primary focus of his programs.  His biggest weakness was his posterior chain, so naturally we went full force to try and improve this major imbalance.  Wow did he respond! 

Credit to Big B for attacking each workout with full intensity and following the program to the T.  Take a look back at some previous post describing his programs and follow his progress.  (click the archive to your left to navigate through previous post). 

Today is Day 1 of Big B’s transformation into Jacked B.  I just gave him the requirements for his first 4 days of nutrition.  His results will depending HEAVILY on how disciplined he is to the nutritional guidelines. 

Tomorrow he starts Day 1 of the resistance training.  Stay tuned to follow his transformation and philosophy of the programs and nutrition. 

New Challenge! No Excuses!


I have some HUGE changes coming down the pipe line REAL soon! Please stay tuned. 

In the mean time I have an immediate challenge that I was asked to take on.

Big B has new goals folks.  Initial goals were to gain some serious mass, strength and power.  He has seen some great results over the last 4 months and has followed through on his promise, complying with my programs.  (we are doing a final assessment next week, so stay tuned for the specific numbers)

Now enters the new Big B, or soon to be, Jacked B

He has a specific date coming up which calls for him to become Jacked/cut. 

So he has given me the challenge to design his next programs with the attempt to lose 5% Body Fat, all while maintaining strength and size. 

My philosophical approach will not change much, but tempos, orders, volume and work capacity of the programs will vary from his previous ones.  One MAJOR component to the new regime will be his NUTRITION!  There is little room for error with the goals he has in mind.  He has given me his word that he will follow EVERYTHING TO THE T! 

So, I want YOU ALL to hold him accountable as well.  If you see a nutrition grade of B or less, get on his ass!  This is a NO EXCUSE program/phase.

I want EVERYONE to interact and make this fun.  Send out frequent tweets to Big B @warrior-fitness and do not let him slip up, give him shit if needed or encouragement.  Follow his progress on this site, his twitter account and at

I will be updating my blog with the new program and describing my approach and reasoning for each workout.  I will also highlight the particular areas I need you guys to stay on his ass about. 

So help me out, get on Big B’s ass about any little slip up and let’s watch his TRANSFORMATION into Jacked B. 


Stay Strong F-I-T’s. 


Strength Coach Larson